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Luxembourg Business Compass 2016

Past forecasts of LBC respondents were aligned with actual national statistics as produced by Statec!

Will they be right again?


KPMG has found that entrepreneurs are currently feeling confident and are willing to invest, particularly in employment, despite some scepticism about recent government reforms.

KPMG has conducted its annual Luxembourg Business Compass survey, measuring the confidence of Luxembourg entrepreneurs over the last twelve months. In this edition, the 61 entrepreneurs surveyed confirmed the same trend that has been observed for almost seven consecutive years: the confidence index in the Luxembourg economy has risen yet again, this time from a rating of 1.1 to 1.6.

The entire 2016 study is available by clicking on this link (PDF, 830 KB)


The Luxembourg Business Compass aims to ascertain business leaders’ expectations regarding future economic trends. The survey also zooms in on entrepreneurs plans for their own companies' future development. These core elements are supplemented by varying questions pertaining to topical issues in business or politics. The study is analyzed independently by the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach.

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